Some Thoughts on the Matter

Since it is now well established that we are in the year of the Lord 2013 I think that it is high time to lay down a few thoughts of this and that and back again.

I've changed a few things on the 'back end' of this website just to help me keep abreast of my perpetual efforts of achieving effortless website maintenance. Pretty soon it wouldn't be surprising to wake up and find out that it's non-existent due to effortless effecting. But that is another matter. Perhaps it's just 'keep busy' work on my behalf but there are times I do like to keep the front porch light on, you know - just in case.

During my administrative duties I was reading a bit of Killer Klowns. Have you ever read something and said to your self "Now that's interesting." only to find out that you are the one who did it in the first place? I suppose I could be surprised to find out that what I knew at one time or another is just a passing fancy beacuse it will only happen again - and again and again. What does that mean? Sometimes playing the fly on the wall means that that fly on the wall is just that.

Isn't that funny?

While it may perhaps be true that the words seemingly haphazardly cast about on this website appear as nothing but linguistic spaghetti code most suitable for those bordering on either boredom or a psychiatric evaluation there are those few who will no doubt get the gist of it all with a good chuckle thrown in for good measure. The fact of the matter is that truth will never set one free. That's the main reason for the pontification which belabors the point here.

If you want a good time just look in the mirror. You are it.

How does it make you feel to experience the sensation of yourself? Most people tend to get quite a high on it. But this is nothing new and it's really kid's stuff.

At this moment I'm thinking that the purpose of this writing is just to make a Killer Klowns moment. I'll just let that sink in for a moment...

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

The porch light is still on. Out here in the vastness of space and time I have left but a small moment in both. I suppose no one is coming but I must enjoy playing this game of waiting, of looking and expecting, but in this vacuum the leaves do not fall. It could be said it's only related to boredom so perhaps I should get a life but for the life of me the human experience is like shoving some lead in my pockets and going for a quick dip. I can point out the absurdity for all to see but that damn porch light just will not burn out. Does this mean that the world will simply come apart at the seams like a good tailor righting a wrong?

No, I'm not the tailor because I've got the light on, remember?

Many require adversity in order to embrace the intensity of integrity but unfortunately that is not my calling. Despite the fact that I can hear the whispering echoes of my voice upon the winds of time it doesn't mean that there is a calling. Do you see? While I hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil how can it be that I too have descended from the ape-man? The answer, pulled from the wind, is - don't be such a silly goose!

Digging deeper it can be found that the well has never run dry and the thirst for knowledge is self-created - especially in light of the fact that the telling makes us believe otherwise. For those who can see, see. Hiding truth from ourselves we can come to believe just about any crazy invention bantered about by thought. Covering our eyes we can only see what we believe to be true. Can the characteristics which create the human survive the light of day? The whole point of continuation is to focus attention. This is what creates perception and it is not unknown to hold on to that quite dearly. To that end I hereby release you from you binds.

The Make-up of Makeup

It's true that I have centered a bit of attention on what is called Scientology. There are some great concepts which I heartily agree with but in order for conviction to take place there must be some counter point in order to hold it in place. It is this counter point with which I find the subject deranged. I've already written quite a bit on the subject and need not regurgigate more because that is what it would be if I were to continue down that road. Putting makeup on a pig doesn't change the fact that it's still bacon waiting for a sandwich to come by.

I've never kept in the house a supply of band-aids for all the little cuts, nicks and what-not. Nature freely gives us the pleasure of recompense so what's the use of fighting her? The so-called spiritual road is littered with corpses of all kinds so why in the hell would anyone choose it? Perhaps out of the confusion of what that really means something will come of it.

But perhaps all of this becomes meaningless for the potato which lanquishes upon the prison cushions. For those who enjoy the 'spiritual' road does it not make sense that in the vampiric spiritual suck zone self motivation is one of the first things to go? Who cares about the subtle when base emotions can be had and enjoyed to their fullest.

Believe me when I say this: makeup isn't going to fix it. It's genetic.

No, not genetic in the human body sense, I have no interest in that branch but there are some who take great pride in their work.

Isn't the human experience wonder-full? It kind of makes you want more doesn't it?

Getting to the Point

The point here is that since I am moving again, change occurs. I've wanted to be able to achieve something around here but since I'm not interested in that it can make it difficult to recognize it's effects. Sometimes my wife will tell me something about myself and I am amazed that that is me. Associating one's self with characteristics and movement requires acceptance of sensation from those effects and since I am not in the market for a good self-congratulatory back patting it turns out to be quite interesting in addressing someone else's perception of understanding. It's still not quite all there but still, it's like reading something I've written a while ago, nodding my head and saying, that's interesting...

So perhaps this is the point here. In placing attention otherwise on movement within time and space I do not always acknowledge others perception of resulting effects. To that end let me acknowledge you for being you without which none of that which occurs could ever happen. As a matter of fact it is the keystone. That's a very valid place to be.

Getting Off the Point

I do not associate myself with very many people and entertain a very limited circle of communication. If you have read thus far this will make sense to you. This does not mean that I shun, turn away nor reject any who enter into or present themselves for, interaction. With the speed of thought there is limitation and it is this limitation that I find to be quite restriciting which is why most of my communication takes place outside of it. I take no comfort in the limitation of explanations nor do I find useful the verbose communication dealing with the human condition. This is all old news to me and so my speech patterns reflect that - not in disrespect but in acceptance of which for many is a testament to living their lives in the delight of experience.

These kinds of things do not suit me and so, here at the footnote of self-centeredness, I can declare that in peeking behind the veil there is established a responsibility for all that comes after. It's never about a job well done because it is never over until it is over which in this case there wouldn't be anyone reading this but since the bulk of humanity is still around, there it is.

If we can close our eyes and press into effort all our will-power to make believe guess what happens?

We become it's effects.

If you want truth, there it is.

You are living a lie about yourself because even though you are your effects you are also the cause of it. In creation we come to be but that is after the fact.

That took a while to explain but I hope that that does something for you.

20 Jan 2013


It does not serve me well to personalize portions of the above but sometimes, in order to bring about particular threads of thought, there needs to be a center point from which particular lines of connection can arise. In this case the equation is 1+1 with the object being myself. I do not take myself seriously and neither should you but in this exchange the particulars remain applicable.

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