What A Great Moment To Celebrate

Peace causes so many symptomatic conditions well worth reading about at the local library, or hall, of records. Hailing to other times and other places cause and effect tends to prolong the experience of Man so much so that the pure enjoyment of sensory contact creates a vibratory stimulus well worth sticking around for as the fly paper in the corner of a summer's day taking place at old Fred's house. Out of the depths of self-deprivation do all shadows roam. Neither of the light nor of the dark and yet in the in-between existence takes shape and form within which puppets of glory dance to and fro in the never ending quest of victory, of the spoils of a war laid out big time on the big screen. Should it not be spectacular for every one to see - and enjoy?

Peace brings with it the promise of clear sailing upon the new day and yet as the future always seems to beckon, the night must live on. It's strange indeed to watch the night come alive with the dead followed by the morning where the alive turn to dead all day long play-acting in great detail every thought, word and shallow deed. In peace fine jewelery tarnishes, turning to disdain if allowed followed with proud proclamations of self-respect. As the sock puppet play continues, twinkling toes begin to feel the chill in the air. The turnstile continues to spin 'round and 'round until a deep disturbance comes to the fore with the typical swift upper cut. Dazed and confused, corpses wander in despair.

Peace offers the chance to demonstrate one's worth and yet the worth which one holds in such high regard is discarded with little care other than the soft spoken words of, "What else ya got?" Can one give away anything other than the thought of a reality that surely knows no bounds simply because imagination is nothing but ceaseless self-amazement? This play of pretending that one is alive and well is in direct contrast to holding one's breath under water and at that very exact moment where the breath can no longer be held, at that very last moment when no other thought comes to mind than one very real singularity - you know with no doubt what-so-ever what it is that you must do. No, it's not about the body breathing but about something much more interesting.

If you have been following the cookie crumbs thus far then it will become quite obvious to say that the goal brings experience to bear.

Both individually and collectively, goals have already been set in stone with experience blossoming out of that with nary a glance. You see, it's not the road or path which creates the opportunity to attain the prize, it's the other way around. This is why time, when followed in a linear fashion, requires linear action. But when one gets ahead of the curve, when one rides the wave, well then it's something else entirely.

The goal is not the method. It's just a milestone along the way.

But now we have the turning of the tide. It is that single tiny exact moment where everything changes. Not particularly changing in a linear fashion but of the turning of the attention. Perhaps even attuning.

It has been said that there is a merging of timelines occurring where reality offshoots return to become one, or whole again. Across the aisle it is spoken of differently. There it is perceived in the oppositte manner. Where one door opens, another closes. Or is it that when one door opens it already must have been closed.

Did you get the implication of that? Do you see how it relates to what was mentioned previously?

If one wishes not to be effected by circumstance then perhaps one should consider the mastery of that which defines circumstance. In order to pay attention to all that goes on in this creation one must certainly not rely on limited mechanisms of thought and memory as these constructs, just the same as any piece in a particular board game, are viable only within the parameters of the particular set with which they are found. You can't use Monopoly money in Parcheesi, it doesn't work that way.

So why try to use those mechanisms which provide for limitation, to perceive beyond them?

That answer is, of course - you can't. But the funny thing about limitation is that it is based upon limitless potential. Riding up on the crest of the wave, surfing the tsunami of change, one has complete and utter limitless potential. From the great heights of perception, all comes to view. This doesn't mean that one is king of the hill. It means that, in that one still small quiet moment of being you will know what it is that you must do. And there will be nothing any one or any thing can do that will effect the outcome of such, there will be no thought which can muster effect nor deed which can stand firm. There will be only you.

What a great moment to celebrate!

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