Crazy Talk From A Crazy Lady

Yeah like the title says, it's just plain ol' crazy. For the sleep-induced, those who overwhelmingly rely upon the contagion of mind-induced 'ideas' to be spread, multiplied and fruit-full this type of stuff is just plain crazy. It's just so far out of the comfort zone of couch-potato living that even a hint of such talk is subject to immediate alien abduction into the Hall of Ill-Repute.

But wack-jobs are plentiful these days, so never mind that. This is about a peek behind the veil of ignorance and what is said here is like having the keys to your own little kingdom being given to you, thereby setting you scott-free to move on to some other adventure.1

It's also the entire reason I love this woman.

And if much of this seems to make no sense what-so-ever, then either your attention span isn't up to the challenge or... Well, that would be about the only reason come to think of it. If 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' is true then 'what you don't want to know can't harm your illusions'. Ignorance isn't accidental, it's purpose-full. But enough of me, see what you think.

mcclaughry | August 24, 2016 at 9:51 pm | Reply

To me it was never, never, never “scientology” that worked. It was certain people who could even come close to seeing and engaging with me as I did them.

An extremely short list. Probably 1, maybe 2 people.

They could have been doing freudian analysis, wicca, buddhism, or praying to Jesus and it wouldn’t matter at all – IF they, the real being and only the real being, is willing to connect with who I am MINUS all the filters.

The reason why this is, is simple.

It is the PERSON that makes some thing or idea appear to work, but it isn’t the thing or idea that is what’s *actually* working, ever.

It’s the connection. The two as one.

Something very few in our current slavemaster-controlled culture are willing to do, even though they are all still fully capable of it. With even just a little prompting (which is useless unless they have decided they even want to connect) it doesn’t take much to resurrect most of the supposedly lost and “broken” being who was never any such thing in the first place.

Being something, however many somethings that is, can never change the guy’s true identity, his core. Not even he can do that, no matter how many personas he tries to layer on top to look like he can.

Targeting a system, a science, an idea as *why* something works between living beings, instead of acknowledging the living beings as the true source, is probably THE biggest lie being perpetrated on humanity, if I had to choose one.

My 1 cent, anyway.

- From the-danger-of-a-single-story
via: 91-of-america-isnt-choosing-who-runs-for-president-anymore-so-who-is

There you have it. Crazy-good from a crazy-wonderful being. Try tucking that under your pillow after a bedtime story and sleeping with the knowledge that "Yes Virginia, there is something wonderful in this universe."

Man, I could use a smoke.

  1. Of course you don't have to leave if you don't want but the problem then becomes that by default your state of emergency is declared as voluntary and of your own volition. What will you do then when the role-call for victims comes to an end? 

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