About Me

I've decided that with so many people out there who feel that their importance is quite justified I am going to write a little something about me. Yes, I am.

In a nutshell I can tell you that I am a nobody doing nothing of any import. My hobbies are none of your business, if I had any hobbies. My dream is to wake up and find that I much prefer the dream-time instead only to find that reality puts on a really good zombie show. I'd change the channel but the remote seems to have slipped down into the cushion called abyss.

The things I don't like are none of your business. Too many people make the mistake that others can't change. My favorite foods fall into the same category. My favorite authors, musicians, yada, yada, ya are, who cares. I believe that they were backup singers for the group called Stinky Weed but I might be mistaken. Didn't Mao do a purge of the scourge?

If you've read this far then you must be a glutton for punishment. Ok, I'll relent and list all of my accomplishments.

Now that you know all about me and my friend called ego you can take away a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Here, have two. They also come with little bells that chime on every other hour.

» Useless Side Note

I better get a 'smart' phone so I can blend in. I always wanted to be like sheep but my problem is that their wool is just so damn itchy. How can people take it? If you have any ideas please let yourself know.

As you can see I consider myself of such great import that I am compelled to share it with the known universe all in the hopes that I can get me some converts. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Please comment down below.1

You can also 'like' me on ButtBook. There's a picture of me smiling there for you to enjoy. It just cracks me up that some people really enjoy that crap but to each their own.

If I think of anything else that I should add here I'll be sure to flush when using the toilet. Thanks!

  1. For God's sake please don't ask where the comments are because you can't leave one. 

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