Good For Nothing

I'm good for nothing

It's true, I am good for nothing, especially lately.

So when you turn around in the darkness and think that you've seen something just tell yourself, no that isn't him, it's nothing. Nothing at all.

Those side glimpses, right out of the corner of your eye, is where shadows move. Skittering here and there they seem to never stand still long enough for one to get a really good look at. It reminds me of a Doctor Who episode where those stone statues would move when it's dark and you can't see them and eventually they come to be right up on you and then... bad things happen. Spooky!

But those kinds of things are what is told to scare little kids so that they'll follow the straight and narrow path, you know the one, where harmony and balance are taken for granted because it's a normal way of life. Who wouldn't follow that, right?

Anyway, for those of us who cast no shadow there is nothing but normal.

But damn those mosquitoes sure do leave an itch!

If you want my attention I'll give it but don't expect it to last forever. I'm not one to oil the squeakiest cog and just because from time to time it happens it doesn't mean that it really does. As you can see, one thing does lead to another.

I love a good murder mystery. Well not really, I like space-opera kinda stuff but never mind that.

Anyway, if I'm good for nothing then why are you reading this? Come on, surely you've got something to do other than to wonder what the hell is going on.

It's been said that there are two kinds of people in this world, the ones who actually do something and the ones who do nothing but watch. For those that do there is no interest in talking about future possibilities as that is already understood while there just isn't enough time in the universe to explore each and every aspect of watching and all that it entails.

Cue the talking heads...

*Scratch, scratch.*

Fade to nothing...


Is it morning already?

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