Good-bye And Thanks For All The Fish

It's true, when it's time to say goodbye then it's time to say it and not spray it all over the wall of 'look at me, ain't I grand' showcase where all the hookers go for rest and relaxation. Ahh yes, those were the days my friends where heat-break never ends. Long live drama!

Now I'm not saying goodbye I'm just presenting the facts as I see them because if I presented someone's facts as my own then I'd be baa baaing all the way to the supermarket and finding pieces of myself strewn all over the meat display. Is that really meat, I mean me! Some people will do anything for the love of possession, control and everyone's favorite around here - destruction.

I am thy god, love me like no other. Now take down yer pants before flying so we can, ummm, check you out. Hookers are everywhere these days. Some even don't want payment, just a good peeky peek here and a little squeeze there. When I grow up I want to be just like them. But first my childhood needs to be devoted to sports, conformity and self-service (whatever that means).

Saying goodbye isn't for everyone because sometimes you just have to drop out of the picture for a spell. I do that from time to time, I think just for the hell of it because who after all, needs someone _always_looking over their shoulder at their inner-most secrets all the while saying nothing. Can you believe it, nothing!. The nerve of some people.

Sometimes the mood strikes those who love to hang on as if death will terminate everything in it's pathetic path. Wiped clean? Aren't you supposed to do that for personal hygiene. Some people do and as horrible as it sounds, some have no problem taking a dump and shaking your hands in a, you know, friendly manner. I wonder when modern society will show itself. I better check the Internet because without it I would have to do something constructive like, make a better world. Good thing we still have a few dreamers here.1

Lest the reptiles be given a pass let's give a round of applause for the best and the brightest.

I think I need a drink. Perhaps I'll wander over to another stall and soak my head while the planet goes to pot. If you think of it please let me know when something interesting happens and no, I'm not talking about the fashion show which is being presented endless and tirelessly all over the place. Gosh, what a pig sty!

So where does this leave the fish? I'm thinking of my previous shark post but that doesn't really have anything to do with this one so I guess you're out on your own. Don't forget to wipe your feet when you leave because I'm sure you wouldn't want to make a mess out there where everything has been touched by the hand that already took a dump a long, long, long time ago.

Perhaps you'd like to contribute to a more modern society? I'm sorry but you can't do it while snacking with one hand while furiously banging the keyboard with the other all in an attempt to perform an Amazing Randy trick.

Please 'like' my post before you leave. Change the world, 'like' me!2

  1. The Internet can be a useful tool so don't take this as gospel. For the kids, that means use your discretion. I hope that my big words don't scare you. 

  2. For God's sake please don't take this seriously kids. And don't try this at home - you need adult supervision. I am not responsible for anything so whatever your thinking encompasses is your own torment to work through. Happy hunting! PS. Don't forget to 'like' me! 

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