Shhhh.... All is Quiet

I'd laugh but I would have to stop what I'm already doing - which is having a very good chuckle. It's true, I am of good nature and find that life is quite humorous. But I do pity the poor darlings and their high school drama class. Your pain is mine.... and everyone else's. I suppose thats why they invented door mats. Gotta keep those shoes nice and clean, spic and span actually.

What better way to watch the walls of Jericho crumble than to take it all out on another. Someone has to be responsible, isn't that right? Oh, the poor darlings. I'll try to get those fuzzy bunny slippers out in the mail as soon as is humanely possible. Oh I'm sorry, I meant to say humanly. My mistake.

I thought that all was well and done but I am beginning to find out that what I have in store for me is so much more than what my thoughts will reveal. Even though that is always the case go ahead and find a reason to dissect that little froggy all in the name of 'science'. Even the thought of that makes me want to go to my local death center and have a couple of 'scan' done. You know, just to be safe.

I do love sitting back in my chair and watching the mayhem unfold. Little ants running this-a-way and that, scurrying all over the place just so that there is never a pause for contemplation. God forbid that someone would take a moment to reflect. Oh, the horror!

Here, have a cookie. And in just a little while you'll feel right as rain.

Go ahead and feel right as rain
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