Catch The Wave... Again

Did you notice?1 Last weekend there were some big rumblings in the universe and even though it sometimes seems only those who are intuitive enough to notice are aware of such things well... it usually is true. The thing about reality is that when it changes no one tends to notice because when everything is different there is no longer a point of reference to do a quality check with. What is, is and who in the world would give that a second look?

So even though everything looks the same believe me, its a whole new world.

Did you notice how that energy wave was really different, how it's vibrational shifting was unlike the typical method of changing the channel? It's been a while since the last similar time and... well, never mind about that. The important thing is that you do not see me and I am not here. But please do carry on.

  1. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to scratching things in the concrete, so to speak.

    11 Nov 2016: For those that are interested I've collected a few things that are tied to 'catching the wave'. See the tag below. 

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