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“Logic and critical thinking skills are vital to successful and sensible living, and are sorely lacking in modern education. If we can provide someone with the ability to think better, we then give that person the ability to successfully and constructively influence the world around them. Regardless of a person’s background, race, gender, religion, field of employment or location, being able to reason gives anyone the ability to sift through the lies, half-truths and misconceptions that seem to make up so much of life. I also like to believe that people who can reason logically will also be less likely to foist off those same misconceptions and lies on others.”1


I’d like to summarize the above thusly:

If you give up your sense of self and take my beliefs as your own you too can control the world around you.

Scientolgists love control. The very thought of control makes ‘em drool with envy and delight. Like Scooby and his snacks it’s just irresistible.

This panet is full of people who are out to do exactly that - control. It’s the main reason why all the turmoil and drama exists at such a heightened state that it does. Control is bumping into control and no one is liking it. So what’s the answer to all this? Why, more control - but now with new and improved ‘logical’ thinking!2

Someone has got to be the winner, right? Someone has got to be the signpost on the road to enlightenment where all others can refer and defer to, right? It is, after all, a game of survival is it not, of being the one who will survive above all others and become the god of this universe and then all the others. Although competition can be good for the marketplace it’s especially useful in capturing not only the minds of Men but of the hearts of souls.

But don’t let me disturb the beliefs systems and ensuing ‘logic’ by implying that I am not playing along because it’s not that. It’s just that I don’t care.3

Let the drama queens eat their cake.

  1. As I read this I had a dream where my head was in a vise and as the constriction became tighter and tighter someone in the background kept yelling, “Does it makes sense now!?” Of course I would answer, “You’re insane!” 

  2. I hate to say it but there is no such thing as ‘logical thinking’. Thinking is based upon one’s own personal library collection called experience. In order to make it all ‘logical’ it must be brought into alignment with that of another. So much for individuality! 

  3. What I do care about lies very much beyond pouting children stomping their feet in order to get their way not only acknowledged but worshiped by others. 

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