Shapers, Movers and Things That Don't Go *Bump* In the Night

Is there a break in the storm? No, it’s not a ‘break’, it’s a change in direction.



I’m a ‘sensitive’ kind of guy. I see, hear and know things that move above, below and beyond the reality that presents itself before your eyes. I don’t always make that admission but… there it is.

My god, what is the world coming to. 1

  1. I was going to insert a picture here to celebrate the words written and the only thing that came to mind was a couple copulating. I’m talking in the traditional sense.

    Now that kind of picture would be considered pornographic to an overwhelmingly majority and that is not what came to mind so I’m going to have to forgo the image. Even still, what that picture would entail (at least the one I had in mind) encapsulates the universe, human beings and the sense and purpose of how things come together. The perfect harmony and coming together of disparate parts redefining a future rooted in possibilities. It doesn’t ensure a predictable but it does propose possibilities.

    And when the breath of life takes root in those possibilities the universe comes alive with excitement. Of course without the universe none of it would have come about anyway so don’t get too caught up in even that.

    Anyway, happy celebration! 


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