Ok, So What Gives?

I'm a vagabond, the idea of home is something that I carry with me so taking up residence in one locale for a while is nothing special, strange or meaningful in any way. I do leave breadcrumbs and for some demented reason watch the trail come alive with spectators and parasites alike, all seeking the elusive Golden Chalice. Don't you know by now? There is no such thing. But then again I've been known to go after all sorts of things that don't exist. Well, not so much go after but lay a few 'attention units' on 'em.

Sometimes I write the stupidest things and crack myself up. Not really 'stupid' but more like 'hilarious', at least from my perspective. Have I told you recently, yet again, that I know nothing? That I am not here and all this is just a dream? Some of my responses are like the canned laughter of those mesmerizing tv shows where all is laid out for you to enjoy. Really, you don't have to do a thing but partake. Some people are just so kind and thoughtful to provide such experiences for all of us to enjoy. Don't you think so too?

I really should try to be more serious but this is after all, my 'game face'. I'm not in it to win, nothing so ridiculous as that I assure you. I'm just another bloke who volunteered by way of deception to do the deed. Yes sir. No sir. By your command. You see, I'm just a robot doing robotic activities and carrying out instructions per original programming. Yeah, that is definitely me. But then again some people will believe anything. 'Look, there's Elvis!'1

As all heads whip their way around to some imagined point in the sky my deadpan expression surely won't give me away. And it doesn't. Can you believe it, people eat this 'stuff' up.

Anyway, as I was in the process of saying that nothing comes of something and something is always at hand is it not? Kinda like watching the laundry do it's thing. How exciting is that? Ranks right up there with the drying of paint and it's intoxicating effect upon the minds of the weak and lazy. I don't blame you to sit out for a spell. It's a crazy, crazy universe but that's probably the reason why I'm here in the first place.

So, the point of all this mish-mash is that even though I'm not here, that I pretend that you can't see me even though you can't, I'm letting you know that nothing is getting by without due attention.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  1. If you only knew. 

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