Self-Infested Shark Waters

Some like to carry around with them the idea that their only hope of 'survival' is to do as the little sharkies do when swimming around in bloody waters. Being like someone else makes me laugh.

Lots of people will emulate those with whom they have a relationship and that relationship can run the gamut from 'loving' all the way to envy and beyond. Building a bond creates oneness, right? We're all supposed to be in this together so why not become the all, the one and only whose feet set the standard for good worship behavior. I am after all, me and there being only one of 'me' then where is the harm in dirtying up the waters, so to speak, just a tad here and there. You know, just enough to make life and living if not enjoyable then at least interesting.

Standing alone I am alone.

Some like to refer to the environment as being dangerous and full of rampant self-serving enterprises where the only good that can of it is to wrap it all up in make-believe and pretend that the show must go on with or without you. It's the appearance that counts is it not?

Some can walk into that popular bar call the Den of Thieves and come out unscathed where most others never come out at all and if/when they do their programming in on par with the best of the brightest and most talented. Whereas a chink in the armor invites rust and decay what happens when no such deviances exist? Are we not all called to do someone else's bidding?

Yeah, go ahead and pretend that upon hearing someone else's fantasies about life and living your own don't rise to the occasion simply because it isn't there any more. It may not be Friday but fright night comes along real regular-like every chance you get.

So what is it about those sharks, feeding frenzy and all? If you're the lamb you make yourself out to be then why aren't you up on land and out of the deep blue sea? Lions, tigers and oh my!

Baggage has value does it not? I mean if it were not for the Home Department our skivvies would be personal property but since property cannot have property there ensues the lack of words, the falling out where there is just nothing to say.

If thoughts were actions the planet would be in a complete mess right about now but since we are all doing what needs be done things are just peachy-keen. Let's just all hold hands and be just like each other and then as the scenery goes by while we complete our fall we can rejoice in the fact that we finally 'made it'.

Welcome to your bloodied waters.

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