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The Swing Of The Rope

I've kept alive the conspiracy and remained unphased but as realized, things have changed around here at the barnyard. There is no going back especially since the gate has been opened. There have been very few posts made here recently and the... 01 Jul 2023

Shapers, Movers and Things That Don't Go *Bump* In the Night

Is there a break in the storm? No, it's not a 'break', it's a change in direction. Ya-Hoo!... 04 Nov 2016

Jibby Jot Joe

Just a little note to say that all is moving along quite nicely. It's been very quiet on this blog for a while now and that's because the current of action has been enormous, enough so that to post even a small portion of it would be like... 17 Apr 2014

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