The Swing Of The Rope

I've kept alive the conspiracy and remained unphased but as realized, things have changed around here at the barnyard1. There is no going back especially since the gate has been opened.

There have been very few posts made here recently and the reason is obvious. Things have changed2. Now that a reorientation has and is occurring what was no longer is. Saving someone from the grip of delusion can be a full time job and so it was. Now that that is done and over let's move on, shall we?

The direction ahead always defines our movement and more importantly, our selves. Becoming this or that in the line of duty is no big deal and now that things are moving ahead in a different direction here we are.

It's true, I can be any thing and any who but let's not mix things up too much for those who travel lightly and graze frequently. The road ahead is the road ahead.

I suppose that in the living definition takes form and shape and as it's ever expanding emanation makes it's way across the universe and universes sooner or later the reverberation sets in. In the calling, the vastness always responds3.

Sometimes it's best if I take a back seat. As a matter of fact I prefer such standing but then again there is no shying away from that which must be, not necessarily done nor achieved but of following the future already plowed ahead and well seeded. To live is to take a moment4.

What a wonderful time it is to see.

  1. No offense given nor taken away. 

  2. Besides losing my life partner and being left out to hang with the rest of the laundry everything is still the same. Nothing changes. 

  3. It's not a personal thing but science. :-) 

  4. The expression may appear to elongate in time but that is merely an illusion. 

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