The Thought of Waking Up

A dream is a dream is a dream. No matter the time and effort poured into creating a reality within which one desires to immerse themselves within there still lies the problem of consequence. Nothing 'happens' in a vacuum and unfortunately there is no escape.

Because of it's decision to move ahead this planet has and is showing growing pains. Even though the populous tends to clutch on for dear life to old habits and ways of living the future none-the-less arrives unscathed from such meaningless distractions. This is why it appears as though things are being carried forward in complete disregard to the tastes of each and every individual incarnated. Like it or not _movement_occurs. It really doesn't matter what your opinion of the matter is.

These are trying times for those who 'know' better and though the escalation appears without end, there is indeed an 'end'. Nothing in this universe and most others, remains constant. Change is the underlying principal. Sometimes we clutch on for dear life to those things which we find pleasurable and in refuge we take comfort. In decay it becomes a fact.

Our lives upon the map of ebb and flow reveals much if one is so inclined to partake of it's vista. Gazing upon the landscape is not a love-hate relationship but of, dare I say, prophecy. It's not about fortune telling but of realizing that we are not alone in this crazy and wonderful universe.

Sometimes, an ember lasts all night long and then upon the new day's dawn we thank the heavens for a new beginning.1.

  1. Actually it happens a great deal. No worries mate! 

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