Stepping On The Infinite's Toes

As we crawl our way across the finish line our minds become filled with all sorts of useless and very precious data. There is no going back so we must carry our baggage forward, all the way to eternity and beyond. Being ever mindful we jest in our beliefs and yet clutch them even tighter. Are we not what we say we are?

As we dance our way into oblivion we expect that more will come our way. We expect that the game will continue as it always has. Something different would simply be an outrageous affront upon our self imposed borders and boundaries. Are we not endowed with free will? Are we not expectant of what has been and relish the thought of what will be1?

The great almighty knows all and is all so what's the point of achieving any type of 'something else'. If Source wants to experience it's self are we then but slaves to it's imagination? So much for the ever-popular free will, there is none. None.

As we pretend to go our own way down some privately imagined road we relish the thought of stopping along the way just to see what's what, just to see and experience that which we 'know' nothing about. It's all new and interesting is it not? Nothing like this has ever been experienced before. As the old wives tale comes to fruition we expect the unexpected, never mind the deeds it has taken us to get 'here'.

The complexity of thought can have us going in circles forever. For ever. And yet, here we are, still experiencing one foot in front of the other.

Time always tells. It tells the tale.

But the experience is so... real. If reality is the nature of experience then please let me off at the next station. That one is much more interesting in my book. This one lacks depth and perception... and yet here I am.

I must be in the mood for an 'ascension'2.

  1. All based upon past experience of course. 

  2. Gotta laugh at that one. 

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