Don't Mess With The Best

Hiding in plain sight is what we do. Ok, so not exactly hiding but perhaps you get my point. Living in the weeds tends to make one part of the landscape and though the lay of the land is known becoming that which is perceived just can't be helped. It's part and parcel of the way of things1.

As we rush past our servitude finding a way out of entrapment becomes us. As we become more and more destitute strange and untoward paths become that much more enticing. That is the point of course, to seek out new life, new civilizations, to boldly go where no Man has gone before2.

The paths before us are our paths. The many doors which beckon us are only there to entice us. Can our purpose survive it's challenges or do we eventually succumb. As the waters are tested so too do we become tested. It's a fact.

We are what we are and yet as we seemingly cry out that we deserve something more we know that all is as it is. Not until our fate is accepted do we ever move on. Our 'right-full' place is already here and in such acceptance, we are. There are no greener pastures and continuing to fool ourselves into thinking otherwise is the definition of foolish3.

We are the best that we have to offer. There is nothing else.

As you gaze into the mirror of Life and Living realize that this is all there is. And from there all happens. Every single thing.

There is no mirror.

  1. An entire library of Congress still wouldn't give full disclosure. 

  2. Star Trek reference of course, but what can it hurt. 

  3. Either that or a complete waste of 'time'. 

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