I've Been Waiting

I must be quite the foreigner.

It's not okay with me that the populations which run wild all over this place run around with their eyes, ears and attention completely covered with anything and everything at hand in order to pretend that nothing is happening, that nothing is going on and that their personal little plight is nothing but an odd odor lifted from the prevailing winds with no purpose, destination or effect in mind. Oh, it's just all a rambling 'happenstance'. Don't worry your pretty little head about it. Leave it all to the those who know better.

I am but adrift in a sea of ignorance championed by those whose power convinces me that slavery is not of mind but of existence.1


Here a couple of videos that relates. I'm talking about the back story.2

No Regrets

Gotta add this to the mix just to keep things in perspective, so to speak.

  1. Time out. That line alone is just too hilarious to continue. It's not that I laugh in the face of danger, it's more along the lines of being unable to take another's dementia seriously. 'State of mind'!? Seriously!? 

  2. It's neither the words alone nor the musical interlude. I know, it's not something that most people would understand but if you get it, then you will know me. 

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