I Am Scared

It's true. You might not believe this but I am terrified of being exactly what I am. I'm not talking about the usual crap about trying to be one thing or another - all in the face of being what one really is. I'm talking about being terrified. It's that deep dark feeling that when things are just so, when it all comes together at one point in time and in place, Hiroshima is like stone-age fire becoming to be reborn in a form long forgotten. The question isn't whether that is a good or bad thing, it's about the unveiling of what is.

We all know whether one accepts it or not, of the things which exist and perpetuate in this universe which we call 'home'. Beings, whether described as 'people' or not, are not stupid. I never make that mistake. I can see it in everyone's eyes. It's the place from which I am born and reborn to perpetuate that which has been previously described. It's not rocket science and it's not some deep dark secret to which the back-room boys pledge in-bred allegiance. Good god, it ain't that!

But it is just one small step beyond the threshold to where most don't just lightly step, but like stepping over a puddle from a freshly fallen rain, avoidance becomes the most dependable habitual crutch of a humanity which forever seems to be on a precipice or even the precipice. Like I haven't heard that before.

We are all on the precipice, and like it or not only the courageous few, yeah, you know who you are, can even come close to signifying the reality of terror with which has come to be a commonplace occurrence among the lost, lonely and derelict.

But I digress.

On the other hand, perhaps that is the point.

Thanks for playing along, I really appreciate the attention even though misplaced.1

  1. Just in case you missed the whole point, I ain't terrified in the least but perhaps in missing the last train to Clarkesville the feeling has become like a well-worn sneaker or some other stupid analogy. It must be nice to be asleep and numb to the universe. I wish you well in your endeavors. Just sayin'. 

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