A Funny Story

The fluctuations of battle require a sense and sensibility of occurrences both large and small. If one were to miss significance then disastrous results are but guaranteed to come knocking on one’s door. There is no waiting for clues when all that is available is all that is available. In the dynamics of life and living one rarely exceeds one’s vision.

Accordingly, these physical eyes demonstrate a severe lack of dexterity and in some well-known circles it is quite understood that appearances are but momentary pauses in the pursuit of intelligent design. The question becomes to you as the reader, how far are you willing to go to go beyond your own imaginary definition into the realm of reality in order to reveal the depths and breath of that very same intelligent design?

I wonder if it could be considered as in the tales of creation whereby the seventh day becomes the day of rest whereby all else happens. Does this mean that while events take on a life of their own that in so resting there is no such thing as an ‘intelligence’ far beyond mortal Man? Perhaps as the saying goes that the mice will play as the cat is away applies. Does Man then become complacent in the ‘knowledge’ that we are alone and therefore impervious to responsibility? It would certainly appear so based upon Man’s actions.

Since time does not exist but in the mind of Man does this relinquish one’s responsibility in pretending that it’s always been this way, of being and playing the mice we make ourselves out to be?

We all answer to ourselves. Perhaps the question should be, why is this so? In self-centeredness we hold dear our convictions but of course we can fool some of the people some of the time and of the others, not at all. Despite the ‘freedom’ of running amok there indeed lies before us the certainty of not only obedience but also of discipline.

If one cannot control themselves who then has one promoted to carry out the task? Who then rules one’s roost?

In resting there is a moment of repose and then that too passes. In the life cycle of this universe that defining moment has come and gone many, many times. Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s just another game-changer or maybe even a definition-changer. In either case for me, it’s just another day on the job as I watch the mice and the cat and wonder why is it always me?

And that my friends, makes it all quite hilarious!

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