Sweet Dreams

The weather is fine and dandy, the food pleasant and filling, the company agreeable. Everything is quite balanced and harmonic. Nothing to see here, move along.

Some things never change and in appearance the embrace of stupidity is held out as a carrot to the donkey. Let's just all play dead.

I'm sorry that while I can try to play along my character prevents me from pulling the wool over my own eyes in order to stumble in the night across seemingly familiar territory.

It's true that there are no secrets but don't mistake sleight of hand to be anything else but. I will look out of respect, but I do not fool so easily since I am accountable to something of much great value and worth - being said especially for the Capitalists who clearly enjoy rank.

Enjoy it while you can because like all children they eventually get called home for supper, bath and bed. Not always in that order mostly depending upon little Johnny's or Jill's recent behavior.

Please don't take offense when I categorize Man in this way, it's just a way of providing generalities in order for specifics to step up and stake claim. That doesn't usually happen but I must extend the peace-pipe before painting the horse and myself for battle.

Man has a tendency to say one thing and to do another. Play-acting rightfully belongs to children and so definition occurs. Sometimes that takes a while for it to express itself but since my character exudes patience I tend to have some time on my hands to watch it all come together.

Thanks for playing.

I hope that your quest to achieve rank is all that you imagine for yourself.

Sweet dreams.

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