The Drama of Life and Living


It's amazing their lack of control, the obvious unwillingness to take a step back and observe their own sense of self, of their own cohesion in the balance of the universe. This lack demonstrates itself through drama, day in and day out.

Most prevalent is the drama of politics, an arena where thoughts become unleashed and released upon the public who are too busy in their own self-imposed sense of drama. Besides the celebrity worship and a capitalistic sense of urgency to achieve financial immortality, the sleeping lie snug as a bug with the covers pulled up high. Drowning in petty thoughts, feelings and emotions the hectic life of living becomes fully expressed and most times, resented.

It's all about the drama so can one really make the expectation of an achievement beyond the narrow confines of these borders? Is it really a battle for the mind of man or is it just another border war, of looking for more territory to tuck under the belt?

It still comes down to the drama.


But when something real happens, it is something else altogether. It is something in a class all of it's own.

While the busy bees busy themselves in being busy, brilliant beginnings beg for attention, all to a house too self-involved. So who is really doing the begging?

Reality, when it comes knocking doesn't beg to be let in. It arrives unannounced, politely knocking before it's presence makes way. It doesn't matter whether you answer the door or not because though the drama of life and living are personally rewarding it pales, in a very deep way, to that which is momentarily stationed just beyond the closed door.

And before you know it...

It's here.

But of course most, upon cracking open the door of awareness just a hair, will find nothing but empty air.

Time waits for no Man.

I don't say that to scare you.

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