A Little Update

There has been a lot of activity these past few months and since it's been a fast and furious pace there hasn't been a motivation to bring up to speed those who follow such things because by the time it comes out it's old and dated, especially in context. With that, there has been ample opportunity , as demonstrated in the various news outlets, to register themes, timelines and of a general consensus of where things are going. Therefore, with a little quiet time here it allows other things to rearrange themselves in order to make themselves known. I'm not referring to beings but pieces of data cast to the winds of change. (They really do take on a life of their own and so retain an identity.)

I keep thinking that my life will be coming up short and to that end I certainly would take a moment to celebrate. It's like taking off a pair of undersized pants, once that happens there is an explosion of freedom, of unencumbered movement.

There's the key - unencumbered movement. It's why I look forward to it.

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