Strange Land

Stranger In A Strange Land

That is all well and good but the important point is what comes of it.

The important point are those actions which become generated. As action cannot take place previous to intent and as intent is bound to experience, there you have it.

I can safely say that indeed, there is a disconnect. It always comes after the intertwining thread of understanding.

And so it can be said that the thread of time has been severed.

I suppose that this means I am not long for this world and even though I gladly would move on there seems to be something left, something yet undone - but I believe it to be unrelated, something on an altogether different train bound to tracks forged by an altogether different iron and steel craftsman. Where one was a day's work, the other more a challenge of intensity.

For all that is said and done, for all that has been said and done I wish my dear friends well in the journey of life and bear witness to the privilege of having been in your company.

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