The World Is Hankering For Happiness

An interesting point of view.

"The world is hankering for happiness. Everyone is striving hard only for happiness. If this is so, then how is it that instead of happiness, unhappiness and misery result. In these days from peasant to the prince every one is found to be unhappy. On careful consideration on the point one must come to the conclusion that the methods adopted to gain happiness are wrong and defective and there is some serious blunder at the bottom of the said methods.

“In all civilized countries nothing but misery is found. As new discoveries are being made by the modern civilization, miseries and terror also keep pace with them. By such discoveries there is a growing increase in the needs of people and to meet the same people must toil and labour more and more. The demand upon the resources of people for satisfying their fresh and new wants is growing every day with the new invention. Every new invention would make only the inventor rich but the pockets of millions of other people are empty because of the new and fresh wants created by his invention. It is better to suffer from a serpent bite than to increase a single want. A serpent’s poison can be cured by it’s remedy once only but the want is required to be satisfied for the whole life. Once a new invention is out then the same is widely advertised and all sorts of tactics are used to create a demand for the same only to make money thereout by exploiting the ignorance. Very often Governments also have to make use of their powers and resort to oppression, intrigues or politics. Sometimes Governments go to the length of waging wars with other countries to force such inventions upon other countries. Thus with the progress in invention, people’s wants are increased and various tactics are in progress to extort money. In such circumstances how can you expect real fraternity or unity? This is nothing but open enmity. Such robbery and extortion are however described as the great progress in civilization and as increasing universal brotherhood and fraternity in the world. Let those who say so rejoice in such fraternity but it is certain that the world will not be happy by such discoveries. These discoveries are dragging people to hell. The world is galloping towards to hell. If the world will continue to proceed in the same manner and in the same direction, the result would be cruelty, bloodshed and horrible warfare. Nobody can deny that these new manufacturers of modern science have only increased risks and dangers to life.”

- Golden Day, Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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