What's With All The 'Self' Interest?

Looking around, these days there seems to be a large amount of interest in ‘self’ words, like the following:

self-educate self-rescue self-help self-checkout self-governance self-directed self-determined self-service

The list goes on and on…

What’s this ‘self’ business all about. From these types of words we can determine that there are two entities living inside the body. The first is the one who is reading those words and the second is the one to whom the words belong. Let’s take an example.

“It’s best to bring along matches in case there is a need of self-rescue.”

So imagine a person out hiking in the woods and they realize that they are turned around and lost. So of course a person would take up a conversation with themselves and say something like this:

“So, self. Do you need to be rescued, because I can rescue you if you are lost.”

“Ummm, well. I think I’m lost but you better go ahead and rescue me just in case.”

Word Speak

In the above example no longer do the words give credence and regard to the person themselves. It’s all about some nebulous thing called the ‘self’. If one were lost in the woods would not one just simply find a way out? How does ‘rescue’ come into play other than to assume that one is basically lazy and so needs to be motivated by playing the game of sock puppet with themselves.

There is only one of you and that is the one who perceives these words.

Sure, the body’s eyes take in the markings before you and the mind interprets their meanings but does this mean that it is they who need to be rescued?

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