The Time of Destruction

I run the gamut of submission to domination and tend to favor submission because I know what lies at the end of the tunnel called destruction. I also fully know what lies in the burrows of submission. In the balance of energy and intent I tend to draw the breath rather than exhale, that being said breathing in.

God forbid that it should become exterior rather than interior. I fear the path of conviction only because I know it too well. Do you see the inherent balance brought to bear?

At rest the breath remains stilled and upon birth the first breath of Life must always be drawn before exhalation occurs. For me, that first breath of now is all that has been known. There is no intermediary step in exhaling the all of that which has been drawn. Therefore there is no time between, no time of pause, no distinguishable time at all.

I have never feared the night and yet I fear the occurrence with great trepidation, prolonging the outcome through any and all means. Of course that perspective stands inward. There is no concern whatsoever with the scythe of time in my hand and the horse I rode in on.

But that is not me.

Neither is this.

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