The Fat Cow

The collection of data in an informational universe comes with many strings attached.

The nice thing about collecting data is that it tends, in a very firm manner, to accumulate. The scale becomes massive as if overnight and before you know it, with cost being of no concern whatsoever, there comes into existence what I call The Fat Cow.

It's the data collection center in Utah. You want data, I'll give you data. And before you know it the little worker bees become very introverted, completely captivated, handling little bits and pieces of electronic data forever churning and turning it all into something 'useful 'in order to justify their own existence. A bee's nest, hive and all, is a very appropriate analogy.

It's also appropriate as to it's life-cycle but that is not the purpose in engaging and furthering the attention to 'detail'.

Busy, busy, busy.

Have you ever sat back and examined the activity of a bee's nest? Without there even being a knowing one can take all the honey one wishes.

But that is not the point here. The point is that when one endorses a conviction to hoard you might as well not even bother to sneak into the enemy's gate because you're already there. This is being said in a strategic sense as I have no enemies. It's not about the Art of War but of just plain old common sense. While everyone is busy reading the fine print there is no hiding in plain sight because all it takes is just one look.

And when that look is completely captivated, when it is directed and focused upon what someone else chooses, well then, I would say the game is over. Might as well take yer bags and git on home.

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