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Understanding The Un-Understandable

The mind of Man is encompassed with boundaries from which there is no escape. Thinking will not set you free from what thinking has wrought. Again, there is no escape. Dropping connections, we see that the line's viability increases. By... 30 Aug 2022

A Funny Story

The fluctuations of battle require a sense and sensibility of occurrences both large and small. If one were to miss significance then disastrous results are but guaranteed to come knocking on one's door. There is no waiting for clues when all... 05 Aug 2014

Clear Seeing

Clarity of vision enables us to see perfectly and crisply. Sometimes this becomes demonstrated only in some particular aspect or narrow band of focus, and at other times knows no limitations. Perhaps one slice of a pie is delicious, but there is... 29 Apr 2005

What Are You Waiting For?

Once upon a time there lived a man with a vision. Visions are not restricted to psychics, lunatics and the Indian Nation. Visions are restricted to those who care, and this man, who enjoyed life because it consisted of Life, had visions of... 14 Jul 2001

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