What Are You Waiting For?

Once upon a time there lived a man with a vision. Visions are not restricted to psychics, lunatics and the Indian Nation. Visions are restricted to those who care, and this man, who enjoyed life because it consisted of Life, had visions of grandeur and hopes that could kill.

Looking upon the time track, the stream of Life carries us forward, ever pushing the envelope of our perceived boundaries, always testing our fortitude and conviction. With purpose, the stream becomes a raging river, carrying unawareness to it's apparent final destination. A vision is like that. A glimpse of what is to come, either by creation or perception.

The man with a vision knew this, and so interpreted his vision correctly. It's statement of purpose was clear and unmistakable. The current of time was to be interrupted. This interruption would create a milepost in which the perception of others would dictate as being 'before' and 'after'. This defining moment in time, altered our future forever.

Within this vision, awareness shifts of thought and perception would occur creating an altered sense of 'now'. The 'now' of time would become everlasting and evermore. Carrying the vision, the raging river would sweep out over existence and leave no marking of it's passage. How could a vision within a vision come to be? How could 'now' become each and every moment? What single catastrophic event could possibly create such effects upon the universe?

This man of long ago certainly saw this, and much more. He had no hope of ignoring, avoiding or even preventing it's occurrence. Acceptance of what is to come is as grand an idea as the acceptance of what already is.

The universe hinges upon a thought and that thought is Freedom. As we play our games in life, our enjoyment fulfills itself day in and day out. Creating the 'spirit of play', we play. After a while, we play so hard that the force of our entire embodiment becomes aligned with the thought 'to win'. Over time, we no longer play for our own enjoyment, we play to capture the enjoyment of others and when that is not enough, we expand the definition of 'others'. Sooner or later, the ultimate occurs. The ultimate position in the Stream of Life comes to pass. The idea of Freedom from our convictions comes to light. In the spirit of play, we once again find the Freedom we seek.

Free from our obligations, duties and actions, we play unburdened with a new sense of 'rightness'. We have a choice.

The Vision of Choice is one of grandeur. It is one where we become the rulers of our destiny and the King of our lands. It is one where we understand that the impact we have on things and others is the very same impact we have on ourselves. We live by living in it's entirety. The choice is not really a choice at all.

Catastrophic events may come and go, but when there is no where and no place to hide, then there will be nothing to face but we ourselves. In the Mirror of Choice, it can been seen that your choice is my choice and my choice is my own. There is no coercion, but one of conviction. The conviction of destiny stands before us.

Visions and visionaries provide a depth of meaning that cannot be attained otherwise. In the determination of your future, become the visionary and you will see that the vision of long ago is the choice of your own free will to extend and express itself. In that expression, the Universe dances with delight. The band is waiting, the dancers in pause. What are you waiting for?

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