Watch For Oncoming Traffic

Displacing ourselves, we see beyond the hopes and dreams of our ancestors and ensure that the quest for survival becomes our life-long endeavor. We are the next generation, fully endowed with the promise of a bright and glorious new future. Unfortunately, this future is not of our own choosing, but becomes our own through the last rite and testament of our firmly held beliefs. Faith and hope, our partners in crime, exhibit the tendencies which endear us toward gathering wool and seed during the fall harvest of our existence. In the desert, beauty becomes what we think it is.

Forward in motion, we set the time on edge, hoping against hope that our forefathers we correct in their assessment for we must live on if not by nature then by gratitude for those who have come to pass. Nothing rewards our good behavior as well as our own selfish desires. Desirelessness leads to destruction and from there all hell breaks loose.

The proof which we hold most high are those thoughts which will carry us the furthest in our seasonal quest for existence. Living life to it's fullest creates the godliness with which we sacrifice all sort of things in all manner of ways. Where there is an occasion, there is a method to invoke the madness lying just below the surface our dreams. Breaking the mold, butterflies embrace the climatic episodial duration of limitless time and become as free as the thought with which it was created.

Going beyond the bounds, we find ourselves beyond. Looking back, we wonder where have all the good ones gone? Searching ahead, the road seems desolate and deserted, but upon inspection surprise runs rampant as we become trampled under foot by the oncoming traffic. There is life everywhere we look, can't someone do something about this?

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