Unmasking Ourselves

Unmasking ourselves, we shiver in the cold wind of purity of heart. Trembling, we search for our clothing with nervous expectation of rescuing ourselves from exposure. Hiding, we thankfully express our wishes and seek the exposure of another to comfort ourselves in the understanding that we are not alone and that the misfortune of others is a something good to behold. Negligently, we chill any warmth that may remain within our hearts. Can we live life any other way?

Before unmasking yourself take the time to check the weather report. If the wind that blows is cold, refrain from any unmasking activity. If the wind blows warm and comforting, you can be assured that you are already unmasked.

It is not the concept, but the understanding that creates the love from within. It is not the thoughts one may have or the clarity of perception. Unmasking oneself requires the understanding of oneself and the knowledge to know what that really means.

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