Why Put It Off?

: "Lead, follow, or get out of the way."

The universe is pretty much cut and dried. It's one way or the highway. When someone has a goal in mind and their reach encompasses nothing else, then nothing else will matter to them. If everyone in this universe felt that very same way, who would be left after the killing spree? Opposition exists to be eliminated and so the endeavor is to remove the bump in the road at all costs. The goal MUST survive and be reached no matter the personal pain and suffering experienced along the way. The goal MUST contain barriers and so they exist seemingly beyond our control.

Expanding beyond one's own viewpoint is not something that just anyone can do. It takes practice and most of all conviction. As an extension, we seek out the opponents so dear to our future. Without them, our future would not look very bright, but with them, anything is possible! Our opponents are the targets we shoot for along the road to our destination. Someone must pay, and so we all do. Is this the only way to achieve one's own goal?

Creating experience where everyone wins at the game being played is not only good sense, but ensures the goal being sought. With aligned intention all things are possible. The enemies we make are the enemies we take to our final destination. Why face the turmoil in between. Why not just find that space of peace within yourself and by extension, that very same space within another. Showing up at your final destination empty handed is actually a very good thing indeed.

We all weigh ourselves down in order to have a 'good game'. Seems kind of silly, but we do it with joy in our hearts. What kind of personal torment is this?

Tormenting others will never relieve our own personal pain. No matter how much it hurts, sooner or later you will face the day without it. Why put it off?

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