He Said, She Said: And I Quote

Quoting text and texts can sometimes be beneficial in relation to some specific point being made, but overall it is not something that is much encouraged here. The reason for this is that there is a clear distinction between knowledge and authority, and here, we cross the line from authority, to knowledge.

According to the idea of Keeping Scientology Working, exact references are the only route to take in clearing up a misunderstanding. There are very good reasons for this in that this approach removes hearsay and gossip and relies completely on a central frame of reference. In today's chaotic world, a stable point in which to ground oneself is not only highly desirable, but extremely important.

From this central frame of reference, the individual can then begin to travel their own spiritual road. Without a frame of reference most of the people on this planet will tend to continue to clutch their life raft and endlessly drift on the open seas. What we are doing is replacing the life raft, that is all.

Standard Technology is the life raft in which one places their beliefs, their hopes and their dreams. Even though, this too, must be overcome, we have to start somewhere, but after a time, as Man's nature demands, that life raft becomes the all-important object in one's Universe. So much so, that the end result and purpose of taking a spiritual road to freedom is completely forgotten. In other words, the clinging nature of Man has not changed.

In quoting text and texts it can be generally regarded that this approach will simply not give one the experience necessary to understand the meaning of those text and texts.

When one has understanding there is never the need to quote another's experience.

With understanding comes knowledge and from that knowledge intelligence derives it's lifeblood. If personal experience (knowledge) is not to be found, then other sources, which appear to give what is lacking, will be relied upon.

The same holds true for the entire process of auditing.

It is not the length of the road that matters, it is the depth of understanding that is acquired along the way. This is the reason that there is a limit to the number of auditing levels that were created.

It's true that more and more auditing processes, rundowns and what-have-you can be created to expand one's awareness further and further. In fact, this is the state of affairs at the present moment. But these will do nothing other than keep one busy.

For some, the road has become all-important.

But it is not the road in which we place our attention. Yes, it is quite helpful, and as a life-raft, it does provide security and comfort, but it is not the goal.

Spiritual Freedom is the goal.

Accept no substitutes.

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