Roller Coastering

With love comes the knowledge that we are not alone. Struggling, we seek to encompass the totality and yet never seem to quite capture even a satisfactory portion of it. We yearn for more and die in the result. Life has it's up and downs and as we enjoy the roller coaster ride through life and times we slowly come to realize that we can't get off and so we struggle even more.

There is always the promise of a future, in which attainment is baited with glee. In that attainment, we die. Living life is not what you think it is, and as the roller coaster barges through eternity, we look out and feel secure in our safe and secure vantage point. Do we know any other?

We are not alone and yet we feel that we must be alone. Can feelings be trusted as time rushes through our hair during the pinnacle of the rise? Can we trust another who says, "Hold on, you are going to love this!", as we take the downward spin into oblivion? Breaking the cycle will deny you the pleasures and it will deny you the pain. Are you willing to release the glee which you were given to have and to hold?

Struggling to hold on to our conveyance, we seek like-minded souls who know that same dark pit of self despair. We take comfort in the knowing that there are others who share our very same fate. Living and dieing together, we clamor for the best seat. We yearn for the exhilaration of the best and the most.

That is the roller coaster through time and eternity, carrying you and your thoughts evermore. Fooling yourself into believing that this is living life to it's fullest benefits no one. The one who fools becomes foolish themselves. Shall we coin the roller coaster clown, acting out for all to see that the illusion of life is grand.

Beyond the coaster of your dreams, on the very edge of your 'sanity', you will find that there exists no free rides through life and times. How do you grow as a spiritual being when wishes are harbored to remain as a child. How do the ups and downs cease in contrast to your fervent wishes otherwise. Sooner or later there comes a point of no return. Will you wait for the moment in which to lose yourself, or have you already succumbed?

Beyond the gleeful existence of the ups and downs of life and times there lies the participatory existence of life itself. Are you ready to join life itself or shall you have just one more ride around the track?

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