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There Is Nothing Else

In exploring the push which by the way is about completely ignored, we seek and find. The finding part is not quite up to the task but it is there anyway, enticing all those who gaze upon it. There must be something more even if it... 13 Nov 2023

The Revolution Kicks Off

As we propel ourselves in an 'unknown' future we become like the circus act, a shooting star of amazing ability. Just look at us perform! Are we not the amazement which defines our character. In seeking we find our foot steps which somehow... 09 Nov 2023

Driving Down Memory Lane

It's all been done before. As the movie reel unwinds it brings about a sense of boredom. Nothing new, nothing different. Repetition begets a sleepiness in one's eyes and as illusion creates an unreality not suited to now all comes into... 08 Oct 2022

The Plot Thickens

Lost in a maze of wandering projections where oh where can the exit be. Looking to the left, looking to the right, nothing offers salvation. And then, inspiration hits. Shall we play a game? Since there is no way out of this Universe or any... 05 Aug 2022

The Fallacy of Seeking

Looking and seeking can be a full time job. There is always some pull by those who wish to have you create a different reality for your self. There is also those who push as well but that is a different topic of discussion. Higher learning... 28 Aug 2020

Forever Young

I was cleaning up some unfinished business and I couldn't help but notice that this needed just a little bit more attention. This is based off of a previous post called Selling The Truth, Or Is That Buying A Lie?. ... 01 Feb 2015

Searching For El Dorado

"There's gold in them thar hills!" Searching for the lost city of gold keeps many a Man busy. The ultimate achievement, the par excellence is to be sniffed out and grasped with glee shown to the world for it to be what it is - perfection! In... 27 Aug 2008

The Center Of Beingness

Out of the center, all things come. Come what may all that we can do is simply to relax into it's fruition and come to be that which we already are. Despite the fact of our own unique brand of foolishness, nothing can change who or what we... 05 Mar 2007

Who Are You. No, Really.

This is an acknowledgment to those who are regular visitors here, to those who find their way here fairly regularly in whatever time frame that happens in. Greetings!... 12 Dec 2006

The All-Pervasive Endowment of Slavery

Looking around us we see freedom in all things. From our own intentions to the creatures of nature we see and understand the freedom so inherent in their make-up. We go as we please, do as we please and say as we please. Our freedom knows no... 30 Jul 2004

Become The Hunter

Watchfully, we gaze in wonderment at the natural order of things within which we have bound ourselves and our possessions. Exploring the recesses of our endeavors, we seek to no end and thereby liberate ourselves from ourselves. In all the... 26 May 2004

Look, But Don't Touch

Engaging Ourselves, we reach for the stars and turn around and fall right back down into the Ocean of Life. Swimming with the effort of keeping our heads above water, our endless victory is at hand. In struggling, we find life but this is not... 29 Mar 2004

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