The Fallacy of Seeking

Looking and seeking can be a full time job1. There is always some pull by those who wish to have you create a different reality for your self. There is also those who push as well but that is a different topic of discussion.

Higher learning means that one must grasp for something supposedly out of our reach and into the arms of those who ‘know’ better. There are plenty of diplomas, certificates and what-not to state that the desired reality is something we should all grasp for2. Yes, all are worthy3.

If you _under_stand the nature of being then what is the point? The simple answer is that there isn’t any. Now if one were to walk the so-called ‘dark’ side then it’s a different story but again, that is a different topic4.

Of course there are many ‘reasons’ thrown into the winds of change in order to have us convince ourselves that we must redirect our time, energy and attention upon more ‘worthy’ pursuits. Did you read the sales literature, it’s clearly stated. Contracting with those who confuse capitalistic philosophy with your perception of spirituality is a fool’s errand. You already are5.

Yes, we must all wake up and see the light. But who or what is doing the shining? Can God see it’s self? Can you6?

What is there to ‘learn’ other than through a creation of ignorance from which imagination spews forth like an overflow bottle of beer that’s been given a good jolt of ‘reality’. It’s runs rampant and diminishes the fruits of our labor. But never mind that since labor belongs in the silly bucket as well.

Why do Magician’s have all the fun?

With smoke and mirrors anything is possible but those in the ‘know’ understand that children playing with crayons is quite hazardous to those freshly painted walls of glory. No matter how you butter the bread it’s still the same.

That’s the whole point.

We are still the same.

Destiny takes care of the rest.7

  1. No really, a full time job for all eternity. 

  2. Prepayment is required as statements in the mail provide poor substance. 

  3. Oh yeah - in many ways. 

  4. Although quite related. 

  5. For goodness sake don’t confuse this with being a fool. 

  6. Of course you can’t. You can see what you imagine as your self but that has nothing to do with you other than being a projection of imagination. 

  7. If you don’t believe me, I can send you a statement of charges. ‘Enlightenment’ is free but there are overhead costs that must be accounted for. You can call it a ‘donation’ if it pleases you. You are guaranteed to understand that you are or we’ll send you a 2x4 to self-inoculate yourself with against any and all threats to a reality in which you ‘think’ are. Limited time offer so don’t delay! 

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