Another Trip Around The Bend

Been there, done that many, many times. Some travel ceaselessly with the main reason being that somewhere must come knocking on the door so that it can be presented with hope and surprise. There you are my little precious.

But never-never land, even though it appears so real and life-like, is not. In the endless quest of questing surely there must be an end in the same way as whence it came. It never happens like that but sitting on the couch enjoying the show seems to be in popular demand.

Doing nothing, saying nothing can be a means to survival but why should it be ? Have we no choice from which to choose or have we left ourselves exasperated from all our effort in reclaiming the throne. Creating our mind's eye we perceive that which we desire. It is but a fool's errand of course but why take that into account?

Traveling the world over we set our sights upon the universe. Always yearning and grasping that which lies just beyond the grasp of intelligence. It begs the question, is there really intelligence in the universe? When it comes right down to it, it has all already been proven to be of ill repute. Didn't you get the news?1

With all the talk of spiritual battles waging beyond our mortal selves where is the savior to save our little selves from our enormous problems. Creation delights in our purpose and plans but what of the balance of power whereby destruction comes full circle. Isn't that the problem to begin with?

Nothing lasts forever because that is all there is. The rest is just empty space needing a little decorating that is never neglected. How happy we are with our little nick-knacks of useless and wasted energy. If the point is self-glorification in order that we may realize what it means to be alive, is it our dream or has it become a nightmare.

One day I had a dream and the next night I woke up.

This is just another silly little foray into the backwoods and byways where few skirt the edge enough to fall into. Don't take it seriously. Seriously.

Isn't it great to be alive.2

  1. Perhaps your subscription expired, you should get that checked. 

  2. Now that one was meant for the beyond. 

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