I've Seen It All Before

In speaking there is never very much to say or even express. It's pretty obvious that we all share a common bond and in order to acknowledge it's very existence we honor it with our silence. Busy minds can be contagious but like any dis-ease the weak become vulnerable. Though 'weakness' may be but a state of mind, when one relishes that very basis the life raft of hope and desire pull us from the waters of death and despair. My oh my how far we have 'fallen'.

There is no where to go and nothing to do.

And yet the Universe is filled with tales. How can this be? From whence came the idea that we are but survival instincts wrapped in a nakedness of which we should withdraw from. Convinced of self-desire, we go forth into a Universe which not only must be conquered but subdued into submission as well. Does that not tell you something in itself.

One can run into the abyss and yet still never see.

Our eyes are made for a perception which seems to completely control us. At least that is what we are told around the water cooler of Life and Living.

It's okay to step out of the limelight and into your own light. It's all the same thing anyway.

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