The Process of Processing

There is a rumor going around that in order for a being to 'evolve' or 'be themselves' a process must be embraced. That process involves, of course, some particular and 'important' rules of the road be attended to. Diligently.

There is never a shortage of sales people selling goods on and through whatever platform is available. Sometimes a new platform is suddenly invented in order to fill a void but the point is, as always, getting the message through. Slaves have a need and that need must be full-filled.

Yes, we are all slaves whether it be to ourselves or through the use of 'foreign' objects. But perhaps I am defining slavery as something else than is 'normally' nurtured and accepted. Yes, most definitely.

Changing the world through our expressions is such a selfish endeavor. Isn't that what government is for so that responsibility can be laid at the feet of another. Isn't it interesting that takers line up long and hard to get in on the action? It's like ringing the dinner bell.

There is a difference between being bound by physical chains and boundaries, and the submission of one's will. While I don't mind being embraced by this time and reality I never waver from who I am. Do what you like, I remain.

But perhaps I am getting off 'easy' since here is not where I am at.

In flight we all take interest in where we are going but previous to that our decisions drive us to far away places. In the journey we find 'discovery'. Sometimes the kids have to play with their crayons. I don't mind; let 'nature' take it's course.

In the course of 'creation' the process of 'becoming' becomes self-evident.

Happy hunting!

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