Looking, Searching And....

There was once upon a time a story about a Seeker looking for 'something', a 'something' which was always seemingly elusive and quite hard to not only 'find' but to define. Definition of substance requires us to to have some sort of 'knowledge' about what the hell it is that we are doing as we play mechanic within the machinations of a mind with which we we have become fast and life-long friends with.

It's always just around the corner, just around the next bend. With bated breath we dive head-long into the night of our dreams and as usual come to redefine the nothingness we create and loudly proclaim "There you are!".

Discovering ourselves is such a useless activity.

But don't take my word for it. Look and search the world over for the Golden Fleece of Redemption fully enjoying the very many wondrous adventures along the way. It will be a fruit-full search to discover that the empty basket is already full. All that was needed was a slap to the head to shake the marbles into a different arrangement much more suitable to the joy-full existence that we are.

What is, is. But if there is a preference to read the chicken bones in order to make and create the show so desired, please go elsewhere. I am not a showman, there is nothing up my sleeve and I don't wear hats ever since the rabbit discovered will-full action and took off to the high hills.1

The road can be long and hard justifiably compensated with moans, groans and self complaints. Hell is a dangerous place, filled with demons suitable to our own desires. What an amazing coincidence!

The potential of 'finding' does indeed create a future where not only the dead walk the Earth but we too get to have a say. Humility should be left hanging out to dry like the saddle after riding the waves of change, turmoil and eternity. It's a rough and tough adventure but try we must.

Thank God I don't have that 'problem'.

  1. I do get notes once in a while. Good to know that things are well in the Land of Oz

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