Nothing Much Happens Here

Here is where not much of anything happens. Not even close to noteworthy are the events which pass before the field of so-called vision like ghosts from beyond the nether regions. Though events may enjoy a subsistence life-style in both micro and macro levels, attention given to such neither wane nor wax. Although meaning can be found whenever and where ever one looks for such, in the grand scheme of things all things come to past. How is it that a Rubic's Cube can be solved in a matter of seconds while the universe is discarded as being nothing but a silly little notion best left to fairy tales and past lives.

Thought can ponder anything you desire but management could care less what you think. Battles are created, loved and lost and then betrayed to no end. There is no winning but a whole lot of whining is about par for the course.

There is no battle or stage where there are victors. I wish that simple fact would be or could be understood. Just because I play the arbiter doesn't mean that I take that silly role as being meaningful because it most certainly is not. Neither is it fulfilling but what it does do is create a path whereby a universal collectivism can be glimpsed.

There are many roads. It could be said that there are many hallways through time, space and what-not but since I don't play in the fun-house no appropriate comment can be made. It's true, we are not alone.

Please let that sink in. It's true, we are not alone.

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