From Here To There... And Back Again

Actually, there may never be a going back. But that is true for us all, we do not go back. It's always forward whether it be looking, seeking or just plain wanting to be a 'better' being.1 All that is swept under the carpet from a time point of view and remains there, not collecting dust but merely 'forgotten'. There is not 'time' for contemplation when we are constantly on the move.

It's true, beings are constantly on the move like little tiny ants running here and there seemingly on some unknown purpose or plan. You know what I mean, you've seen those individual ants well off the beaten path seeking, searching and looking in order to bring benefit to the collective. There are plenty which never return to the fold, lost in some far-off world living a reality completely unknown to the rest of the pack. None will come for you.

In order to 'survive' there are plenty of tricks in the quiver of hope and desire. Pulling out all stops we take pride in 'creating' our reality. I'm sorry to have to tell you that all this fetish talk will only get you to the fun house where the Hall of Mirrors will welcome you with open arms, a warm smile and a knowing look on the face. Uh-huh, another 'victim' for the heap.

But we are all 'connected', right?

I hope that your journey will take you where you want to go safely, securely and without incident. Of course the very definition of a journey will require such but hey, who cares right? What matters is playing the odds and winning the 'game', right? The ends justify the means.

I am not a doormat and contrary to popular opinion I am not you. Nor of you. But who cares, right?

Please carry on. And on and on. I'm sure the destiny you seek is just around the cornet 'waiting' for you.

Never here but there, right?2

  1. Good chuckle here. 

  2. What a waste. 

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