Where's Waldo?

To live in interesting times makes and creates some very good tales to tell around the campfire.

It seems we are in the time of revealing. What one thought of as being 'real' has the king's bare nakedness in full revelation. We see not what we see but what is. It can be a horrible way to wake up in the morning but some things must be addressed and attended to.

What once was, is no longer. Paths become unglued, disappeared, remade. It can take a lifetime just to keep up but it also can take a fraction of an eternity to realize that where we are is where we have always been. Not somewhere else, here.

It can be said we make our future but it is also said, by much wiser travellers, that not all roads lead to Rome, that roads are best suited to those who have an undeniable hankering for getting some where. If there is no where to get to then a road becomes completely and utterly useless, especially in the mind's eye but giving that the time of day is like feeding the hungry beast. It is never satiated.

The opening or rending of the veil is like watching a comedic horror film. As we take a gasp of breath we immediately spill our coffee is hilarious regard. In this time of revelation it all takes place.

But why does Mankind wait for times such as these?

It's true, I come and go but don't blame me, I'm just a messenger. We all play our roles but since I have none there is nothing to do or say that will gain me anything. Some take refuge in that fact and so sustain themselves with a parasitic draw. No, I'm not your Daddy but go ahead and play pretend all you wish, I don't mind. I don't mind at all because I harbor no thoughts of the responsibility enshrined in my name. My silence or even compassion is not the agreement you take as such.

In revelation Mankind may find redemption but it's a very silly game to play but understanding a maturation in progress is progress none-the-less. This is not by my judgement but by a decree completely ignored by most. As roving bands of bandits can attest, there is no such thing as a 'free' lunch.

With so many life changes occurring on the planet is it any wonder that awareness has stirred from it's slumber? Is it any wonder that consciousness, as a ripple upon the pond of Life and Living, has made it's self known? Of course the previous follows the latter so the question must be asked, what's happening? Why now? Where is it that things are headed? And most importantly, what's for lunch?

Through trial and error all adventures come to be defined. How exciting it is to create. But never forget that we all become subservient to our creations. It's called responsibility and no matter the time, effort and energy to dance around the golden rule, it will come to pass. We all know it.

Sooner or later the contemplation of our actions sets in.

We are the cause of the Universe, why else do we embrace it's effects.

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