Here We Go... Again

I seem to have lost the ability to ponder and wonder at the plight of Man and... beast. It's not the first time, who knows whether it will be the last or not. In either case if sharing is caring then please ignore me to the best of your ability. Look away and if needed, pretend that my existence is like a newly cleaned chalkboard where what was is no longer. I am not here and I do not exist.

Endeavoring to reach the high of Man's glory both the sheep and the wolves run around like lost children hoping that someone will notice. For some there is no noticing and the the wildlife run rampant upon and through the lands leaving in their wake a whole lot of crap. I am not on the cleanup crew and so can only refer you to some other department that may provide due diligence in this regard. There is always hope.

In life there are ups and downs. I don't believe in tooth fairies and such and can only relay the mindless chatter to see what sticks. For those interested please be sure to undergo some sort of 'therapy' to sort it all out for you. I'm sure your wallet will take you far and wide with many adventures. This is all nonsense of course but it makes for press, empty though it may be.

Fishing is an art form.

With so many art forms to choose from which will you choose? What will you have define you as being a fit and proper image of who and what you are. What representation will you make in order to plow the mind with but another tidbit of data to sort through and, wait for it, ultimately dispose of. Sorry to inform you of your destiny but I'm not saying anything you don't already know. I read it all in the papers. Or was that in the Library, I forget.

I don't know who I am or what I am doing so listening to me is like breaking wind in church. The imagery of consequence is quite entertaining but the reality is I don't go to church so perhaps it's time to change the channel. There is so much entertainment to be had and so little time to be human in which to enjoy it all. The road does end.

So let's all raise a glass and clink to the common bond of a dissimilarity with which we clutch so as to give ourselves the sense that we are. In difference we find originality. It's nothing but sleight of hand and fun-house mirrors but we all like to get our ticket's worth and so being full-filled become the couch potato we always wished for.

Nothing to see, nothing to do. Life is so awesome!

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