A Trip To Town, and Back

Traveling is an art. In time and space things happen. They don't just happen but they do indeed happen. Sometimes it's the order that is important and at other times it's the when. The two could be confused but that is not the crowd to which the podium currently faces.

Let me see, is it that the dark skies comes from the East or is that the West. The other directions surely must also come into play but one thing is for certain, things are directional, to and fro. Sometimes we sit placated and watch the progression of those things which progress taking comfort that this too shall pass. But there are other times with which being placated becomes inappropriate and so we dabble, all wizard-like, in order to perform. Sometimes the willow does break.1

From place to place movement occurs and sometimes that movement is like the turning of a page. So little effort and yet the story at times becomes almost unrecognizable. In the blink of an eye things happen. But in that happening it doesn't mean to be overwhelmed with experience to such a degree that we become unrecognizable ourselves. That would be considered losing in a game of chess, soldiers and ferryman.

Out here in the wilderness the beasts roam free.2 That doesn't mean anything other than choices being made and sometimes through those choices living arrangements are made. Are we not in the land of the living?3

In the shadows of our being darker influences take root.4 It's a no-brainer but embellishing the aspect has become big news to such an extent that confusion comes like a hurried late night dinner delivery to our very front door which upon opening our mixed emotions gives sway. But we take delivery anyway perhaps grumbling under our breath as to the fate of this world and others similarly inclined.

As life flows past the train of existence don't forget to notice the window through which it all happens.

Call it the gateway.5

Toto Wants To Go Home

The way back is the way forward but that has nothing to do with traveling. No wonder I'm confused.6

  1. I'm not trying to be a downer here, just stating the facts. 

  2. Traveling is an art. 

  3. That's funny in light of the numerous references to the dead walking the Earth. 

  4. Don't take this too far so as to make it unrecognizable. 

  5. If this seems abrupt it is. The embellishment got lost in the winds of change, perhaps driving home the point. 

  6. Since the title mentioned 'back' herein lies the rest, partaking of the fifth footnote of course. 

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