Tilting The Wheel, Filling In The Gap

Lots of stuff is happening these days, especially as the gods practice their bowling1 up in the heaven of dreams. There are plenty of lines in the sand all across this 'mysterious' universe where a huge cast of characters2 display their wares. The King may have no clothes but who cares, right? We're all in this together3.

As tension catches hold and releases, into the Valley of Kings do we tread. The Ancients may have a history but who cares about that too, right? There are always those whose profession it is to disturb the dirt and cough, sneeze and retreat from all the crap that they themselves provide. We all have our jobs to do, do we not?

I am a professional slave trader.

Trading one's mindless chains for freedom is something special to see and to take part in. Is there a better 'reward' for being one thing or another than to see another proclaim victory over their own selves? The little guy always wins. You can take that to the bank4.

We seem to always take a different track, a different path through the jungle of ignorance when we've had enough of... whatever you decide to fill in the blank with. Motivation creates courage and until that happens nothing 'happens' other than our own laziness at doing what some love best, enslaving our souls. Why not share the pain5.

There are no losers and there are no winners.

Some define themselves by being on one side of the fence or another in exclusion, it's a duality that creates much entertainment for me. I do fly a banner but ignorance, in it's vast capacity tends to pretend blindness just so that the game which is afoot can continue unharmed by reality. We don't create our own reality, we live it6.

And so slaves are born to be bred.

Why wouldn't anyone of 'right' mind want to trade that in? Clutching our breast we become the Kings of Kong. I would not presume to interfere with that. But there is something well beyond that worthy of a merit completely foreign to the romance novel section in the local library of all that is7.

To sum all this up let's just say that insight is a curse of blessing being nothing more than a Magician's trick of self deception. It takes more than an 'ah-ha' moment to make and become a Man8.

To really sum all of this up let's just say that whatever is thought, is true, so you can safely ignore the all of this anyway9.

  1. As kids we'd hear the phrase "The Gods are bowling" as the thunder echoes across the atmosphere during an especially wonderful display of lightening after it reaches our eyes. 

  2. Yes, there was a casting call but perhaps it was missed or waylaid by a few. 

  3. What a crock. 

  4. Gotta love the martial arts movie that this reminds me of. I don't care for the style but the message works out well. 

  5. Of course that's the typical modus operandi is it not? 

  6. Parse that perception for a moment. 

  7. Oh boy, here we go again. 

  8. Actually Man sows the seed of ignorance in order to harvest the rewards of insight. It's a stupid philosophy but who am I to argue. 

  9. Amen brother! Followed by... at your own peril. (That requires another footnote itself but enough for now. The rabbit hole just closed visiting hours so we'll have to try again during another excursion out into the wilds of our own imagination. It can be rough out there so watch your self. Or you're step. (catch the spelling?)) 

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