Lost In Listening

It's been said once or twice that things are just so for a reason, that things are made and unmade in the image of that which perpetuates the existence of our nature. In looking in the mirror, not of life and Living but of Eternity we see and are seen. There are no secrets. There are no coincidences and all that happens occurs because it is all just so. The kaleidoscope of our existence displays it's charm before our very eyes and as we see what we see our divinity becomes self evident.

Here, between the sleepy sheets of our nighttime repose all that happens is but a figment of our imagination. There are no rules and though rulers rule it is all said in jest. We are living in our domain of self inoculation hidden away from creation just enough so that we may live. Through trial and error we trial and error in order to suit our fashion needs of the time and though it eventually all fades away nothing is ever lost1.

It's true, there are no winners.

Through the eye of the needle we pass and in that deformation we come to learn that once was is no more. The reality is that there never was a more, but here I am and so are you. Does that prove the point as being worthy or is it but a Magician's trick... again2.

We can wander all over the battlefield or meadows of inner peace relishing our desires but really, who cares but you and those who listened to the same news purportedly from authoritative sources. I can assure you that what you think as being in charge is nothing but empty shells seeking a host. Some achieve birth looking for meaning while for others, meaning comes seeking it's target and will overwhelm with encapsulation it's partner in crime. It does take two to tango, as the saying goes. Both ways,

Living to die, experience takes root and flight. Hang onto your hat, that wind can be a doozie. Where those rooted in foundation are never moved all else takes flight. One becomes based on the other.

We're not all in this together since there is no separation. But don't worry, I'm playing along.

It's why I don't listen to the radio while driving3. There's already a tune in my head playing and man, it is awesome.

  1. That is a poor word worthy of redefinition but not here

  2. Maybe that is the 'more' point. 

  3. Past tense. 

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