Listen To Your Heart

In proclamation we seek justice and in the time of our own shadow we yearn for, wait for it, truth. Of course when our perception takes form so do we and in our expression the definition becomes clear though meaningless. What are we to make of it all and when shall we do thus. As time passes before us upon the road of life’s journey where shall we then find ourselves? Is it that being lost is in our nature or are we just embracing but another form of being one thing or another, one that or another.

Speaking in circles we come to fulfill the emptiness which drives and provides depth and meaning to the shallow and mostly non-existent perpetuation of thought in action. If purpose provides meaning then who the heck gives a heck about anything other than our own self interest. Are we not in the driver’s seat taking ourselves on another exciting adventure into the ‘unknown’. Where are the heroes?

Standing up against the tide is about as popular as a plague wrought for enjoyment. Assuming that a hierarchy exists where then do we find ourselves. Whether in the cross-hairs or out in the open, faith carries us forward. Are we then but puppets upon the string of control or are we something else, something completely unclassified and unclassifiable. If named, is it then that form follows or does that come later in the game?

Turning the pages of our imagination do we but dream another chapter or does it qualify as moving forward. Into the vast unknown we do know the path even though little minds tell us, sometimes quite convincingly, that the rudder is broken and the paddles have been reclaimed by the deep blue sea. Why listen to the shoals when the beauty of the sea calls.

Perhaps that is the message.

Listen to your heart.

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