Here And No Where Else, Part II

Here is where it all happens, everything. Nothing is left out, abandoned, covered up or just plain ignored as if it has no existence. Believe me, existence covers a lot of territory. But as we all share a commonality, direct lines are common place. They have to be and so are. If you are looking for someone or some thing to come along perfectly suitable to your tastes performing perfectly suitable actions, you just might have a long wait. Falling into that trap is pretty typical but that is no excuse.

There is not a somewhere else that it all happens in. No dreaming, imagination or contemplation will provide the substance to your rescue. The bad news is that you are the savior but unfortunately have gone out to lunch - and stayed there. I would expect a sign on the door to proclaim the expected arrival to occur at any moment but I am not holding my breath. Time has slipped to the point that the shop no longer exists but strangely surviving is the sign.

If time waits for no Man will it meet the diversity requirements of the day? I would expect not as self interest always wanders. Here today and over there tomorrow. Who in their right mind would ever pursue such shenanigans.

Standing tall and proud are the few and brave. Everyone else is out in the audience watching pretty pictures dance before their mind's eye. Do we wake or distract the sheep? Perhaps even let them have us fall through their inaction and disinterest. Can one help those who have no wish for it or is it that our efforts are but selfish endeavors, feeble attempts in reaping our own rewards.

Sheep take many forms.

It's not about strategy nor selfish pursuits but about knowing what the hell is going on with ourselves. The reflection merely indicates, so why not follow the scent home.

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